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Building a BDisk ISO

So you finally have configured BDisk (and perhaps added further customizations. Now youre ready to build!

Building is, thankfully, the easiest part!

Due to requiring various mounting and chrooting, BDisk must be run as the root user (or via sudo).

To initiate a build, simply run <basedir>/bdisk/ Thats it! Everything should continue automatically.

If youd like to specify a path to a specific build configuration, you can use <basedir>/bdisk/ path/to/build.ini. The default is /etc/bdisk/build.ini (plus other locations).

If youre using a packaged version you installed from your distros package manager, you instead should run wherever it installs to. Most likely this is going to be /usr/sbin/bdisk. (On systemd build hosts that have done the /usr merge, you can use /usr/sbin/bdisk or /sbin/bdisk.)

If you encounter any issues during the process, make sure you read the documentationif your issue still isnt addressed, please be sure to file a bug report!