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brent s. 5 years ago
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-investigate weird signing issue- if you specify a key to sign with, it appears that the squashed images (at least in the http dir) doesn't have a sig/asc. do they need to copy it over? or is it not even signing them?
-switch from python-pygpgme to python-gpgme for better performance. also clean up bGPG in general; reference KANT.
-more pythonic! classes (because inits help), use list or tuple constant for checksums, try vars-ing the configparser stuff (and move defaults to in-code?),
change path combinations to use os.path.join etc.

-i_am_a_racecar optimizations
- different distro guests (debian, etc.)- https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2349991/python-how-to-import-other-python-files/20749411#20749411