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6 years ago
-investigate weird signing issue- if you specify a key to sign with, it appears that the squashed images (at least in the http dir) doesn't have a sig/asc. do they need to copy it over? or is it not even signing them?
-switch from python-pygpgme to python-gpgme for better performance. also clean up bGPG in general; reference KANT.
5 years ago
-more pythonic! classes (because inits help), use list or tuple constant for checksums, try vars-ing the configparser stuff (and move defaults to in-code?),
change path combinations to use os.path.join etc.
-mtree-like functionality; if mtree spec is found, apply that to files in overlay (or chroot even); otherwise copy from overlay and don't touch chroot
6 years ago
-i_am_a_racecar optimizations
- different distro guests (debian, etc.)-
-incorporate this into the manual?
-TFTP configs generated for pxelinux
-fix the branding, etc. on ipxe. :(
-add ipxe to full iso maybe?
8 years ago
-include benchmarking
-- ( etc.)
-There *has* to be a better way of handling package installation in the chroots.
--implement pyalpm to decreate dependency on chroot pacman-ing?
6 years ago
--or even maybe in pure python!
-set up automatic exporting to PDF of the user manual server-side.
-maybe remove lxde, firefox, chrome and replace with enlightenment/midori?
-custom repo?
-- # NOTE: arch has dropped i686, now continued as archlinux32
-implement better "additional" packages list. specify for path in build.ini- these should be more easily changed by end users. DON'T TOUCH iso.pkgs.lst since those are necessary for booting.
-automatic shorewall/some other firewall?
8 years ago
-autodetection/configuration of network. DHCP is currently running by default, but does it need to support IPv6? if so, how would the user configure their network?
8 years ago
-DISABLE NETWORKMANAGER AND "fi.w1.wpa_supplicant1"??? keeps spawning wpa_supplicant (and thusly killing networking proper)
-for netboot, custom user agent (should be defined by build.ini)
--iPXE's curl
--initrd's curl
-WISH: Better logging/debugging
-WISH: signing for secureboot releases (PreLoader and loader.efi handle this okay, but require manual intervention)
-does loader.efi support splash backgrounds? can i implement that differently somehow?
8 years ago
--yes, see e.g.
-strip out/remove unnecessary and orphan packages (e.g. gcc, make, automake, etc.) before building ISO
-incorporate iPXE tweaks:
8 years ago
--enable use of custom CA/self-signed certs for HTTPS etc.
--signed kernel and initrd for ipxe:
---#imgtrust --permanent
---#imgverify vmlinuz path/to/vmlinuz.sig
---#imgverify initrd path/to/initrd.sig
---DONE, partially. need to incorporate codesign certs/keys. routines, conf variables
8 years ago
-enable mirror= kernel commandline.
-NOTE: Following should be implemented via AIF-NG (, work pending for fix to BDisk for i686/x86_64 split)
8 years ago
--if mirror_(NAME) is present, use that as repo name.
--if it starts with /, treat as mirrorlist (Include); otherwise use Server =
--if it has mirror_SIG-X, set signature options e.g. _SIG-N would be "SigLevel = Never"
8 years ago
-iPXE background support. sed -rf "${BASEDIR}/src/ipxe_local/script.sed" ${SRCDIR}/ipxe/src/config/general.h ; sed -rf "${BASEDIR}/src/ipxe_local/script2.sed" ${SRCDIR}/ipxe/src/config/console.h
--note that iPXE VESAFB console is not (yet) supported in EFI, so this is on hold. check into this to see if it has changed.
-include WinMTR, build Mac OS X MTR for dist/tools on CD
-include pre-compiled LibreCrypt for opening LUKS parts on Windows (
--curl -s | egrep 'InstallLibreCrypt_v[A-Za-z0-9\.]*.exe' | cut -f2 -d'"'