Podloader is a podcast episode staging script. https://r00t2.io/
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# https://sysadministrivia.com/news/every-new-beginning
import hashlib
import argparse
import os
import glob
from urllib.request import urlopen
from lxml import etree
except ImportError:
import xml.etree.ElementTree as etree
# TODO: GPG verification too
baseurl = 'https://sysadministrivia.com'
feeds = {'itunes':'/feed/itunes.xml',
def getXML(baseurl, feeds, args):
xml = {}
print('Fetching feed(s) XML, please wait...')
for feed in args.feedlist:
with urlopen(baseurl + feeds[feed]) as url:
xml[feed] = etree.fromstring(url.read())
def getSums(xml, args):
sums = {}
for feed in args.feedlist:
sums[feed] = {}
for episode in xml[feed].findall('channel/item'):
epID = episode.find('title').text.split(':')[0]
sums[feed][epID] = {}
sums[feed][epID]['uri'] = episode.find('enclosure').attrib['url']
sums[feed][epID]['guid'] = episode.find('guid').text
sums[feed][epID]['file'] = os.path.basename(sums[feed][epID]['uri'])
if args.livesums:
livesha = hashlib.sha256()
print('{0}({1}): Fetching/verifying live sum...'.format(epID, feed))
with urlopen(sums[feed][epID]['uri']) as url:
for chunk in iter(lambda: url.read(4096), b''):
sums[feed][epID]['livesha'] = livesha.hexdigest()
if sums[feed][epID]['livesha'] != sums[feed][epID]['guid']:
print('\t\tWARNING: GUID {1} does not match live sum {1}!'.format(sums[feed][epID]['guid'],
if args.locdir:
localdir = os.path.abspath(os.path.expanduser(args.locdir))
if not os.path.isdir(localdir):
exit('ERROR: Directory {0} does not exist!'.format(args.locdir))
episodes = sums[args.feedlist[0]]
print('Checking local files...')
for episode in episodes.keys():
filename = episodes[episode]['file']
guid = episodes[episode]['guid']
for localfile in glob.iglob('{0}/**/{1}'.format(localdir, filename), recursive = True):
localsha = hashlib.sha256()
print('Checking {0}...'.format(localfile))
with open(localfile, 'rb') as f:
for chunk in iter(lambda: f.read(4096), b''):
if localsha.hexdigest() != guid:
print('WARNING: GUID {0} does not match local hash {1}!'.format(guid, localsha.hexdigest()))
print('Finished checking local files.')
if not args.locdir and not args.livesums:
for episode in sums[args.feedlist[0]].keys():
print(episode + ':')
for feed in args.feedlist:
print('\t{0:6}: {1}'.format(feed,
def parseArgs():
args = argparse.ArgumentParser(description = 'Sysadministrivia Verifier',
epilog = 'https://git.square-r00t.net/Podloader')
dest = 'livesums',
action = 'store_true',
help = 'If specified, calculate the sums live from the site and compare against the GUIDs served. This can take a long time.')
choices = ['itunes', 'google', 'mp3', 'ogg'],
dest = 'feedlist',
nargs = '*',
default = ['itunes', 'google', 'mp3', 'ogg'],
help = 'Which feed(s) to check. The default is all. Multiple can be specified via "-f itunes google" etc.')
dest = 'locdir',
metavar = 'path',
default = False,
help = 'If specified, a directory where local copies of the episodes exist. (e.g. ~/gPodder/Downloads/Sysadministrivia)')
def main():
args = parseArgs().parse_args()
xml = getXML(baseurl, feeds, args)
sums = getSums(xml, args)
if __name__ == '__main__':