One-off (generally) scripts for OS operations.
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- sshsecure is being re-written in golang
-vault, schema dumper (dump mounts, paths (otional w/switch or toggle), and meta information)
--ability to recreate from xml dump
-net/addr needs DNS/PTR/allocation stuff etc.
-storage, see if we can access lvm and cryptsetup functions via
-need to verify keys via GPG signature. we also need to have a more robust way of updating pubkeys - categorization, role
-write API to get pubkeys, hostkeys? really wish DBs supported nesting
-separate by algo, but this is easy to do (split on space, [0])
snippet: create mtree with libarchive, bsdtar -cf /tmp/win.mtree --one-file-system --format=mtree --options='mtree:sha512,mtree:indent' /path/*
probably need to package to get fmtree for reading
-net, add ipxe - write flask app that determines path based on MAC addr
-net, add shorewall templater
-port in sslchk
-script that uses uconv(?) and pymysql to export database to .ods
-- i should use the python IRC module on pypi to join an irc network (freenode, probably, for my personal interests) and
run an iteration over all nicks in a channel with /ctcp <nick> version. handy when i'm trying to find someone running
a certain platform/client i have some questions about.